Why She Doesn’t Call Back

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So your well chuffed that you have finally gotten a number out of a women and you have even waited a couple of days before giving her a txt… you wait a full two days but NO reply…

You pluck up the courage to give her a call but nobody picks up – after 2 more tries throughout the day you give up feeling a bit silly and desperate.
Either she gave you a fake number or she’s flaking hard.
Verb: To cancel previously agreed upon plans last minute, or simply not show up Noun: the act of flaking out
Is it because you suck? You freaked her out with your first text and now she thinks your some stalker? Maybe she doesn’t even remember your name? Perhaps she only gave you her number so avoid an awkward situation.
Only you know how it all panned out but we are here to figure out is why she is not returning your calls…

Why is she not returning my calls?

It all depends on the nature of the phone number – if you met her in a weird bar environment and the phone number was forced out of her or she grabbed your phone and stuck your number in it then it’s unlikely anything is going to result…
You never had any connection with her during the exchange so she has no reason to remember you.
So remember if you got the number from a bar then you might automatically be discounted as being a player or cocky douche.
However if you met her at some sort of dinner or house party and were chatting for hours about life and she actually asked for your number or face book then NOW we are talking.
Now we have something to go on – during the night you will have made her laugh and got her talking about her life and goals and hobbies etc… she will remember you and she isn’t calling back because:
– she is wondering whether getting involved is a good idea
– she lost her phone
– making you wait a week before she texts you on her terms
– was actually a bit drunk and realised you were not her type
– she actually has a girlfriend
– she knows that you are only interested in short term dating as you said you were leaving town in a months time… women are usually only interested in long term (6+months)
– you are too young or too old
– you smelt funny
– she didn’t feel any chemistry
– she doesn’t want to get into anything serious at this time
– she feels like you only want to get into her pants
– any other 1 of potentially thousands of possibilities…
The truth is you cannot afford to get your nuts in a twist over one silly phone number… If she doesn’t call back after persistent attempts and maybe one more the next weekend then call it quits…
You win some you lose some and there are a ton more girls out there to chat to.

But she GAVE me her number?

Some women like the initial rush of having guys want something that is theres… a number is easy to give away and it’s fun to get calls from people… Women can show off high value to other girls and guys if they get a lot of calls but don’t need to pick up…
To them it’s kind of a symbol of saying “people want to get hold of me but I‘m to busy/cool”…
So… just because they gave you their number does not mean they ever had any interest in getting involved with you.
Or they are just too nice – Guys usually are not to worried about hurting other peoples feelings… however if a women gets approached by a nice guy that she is not interested in but does care about she will give him her number just to make him feel good.
She feels good because he does and everyone is happy… except that she is not interested and never will be.
She may actually be to SHY… Women are easily intimidated by guys and if she thinks that you will not be good for her she may well just not pick up the phone…
literally just freeze up and not pick it up each time she see’s your number.
It’s important to reiterate what I said earlier about attention… You got her number – so what?
And if they have to buy with a phone number they will… you were giving them the attention that night when you got her number but she may not even be into you.
She has to find you attractive and funny and non threatening to pick up that phone, after all you are still a stranger.

Social Circles

One of the most important things about girls to understand is that they are very social and what their friend thinks of you is very important.
If you are not even in their social circle yet it’s hard for them to justify giving you a chance…
they have lots of guys fighting for their attention and you have not yet been introduced to the group.
One sneaky way to get the girl is to go through her friend… that way she will wonder why you didn’t ask for her number and there is an immediate mystery about you.
It doesn’t matter if you not attracted to her friend… “use” her friend to get into the group and then IMPRESS the “target” girl with great personality and humour.

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