Why You Should Try Dating Older Women

Why You Should Try Dating Older Women
As you may well know – men are usually attracted to younger women. They will predominantly message women a few year younger that themselves.
This creates s trend of increasing competition with decreasing age. If you want more dating success why not try messaging women in 30+ age group…
Dare I say mature dating.
Ok Trends have discovered you might just have more success and more fun in bed when dating the 30-40 female age group.
Here is the demographic that okcupid are talking about:

Not bad huh?
If you are looking for a companion for marriage and kids then this post might not relate. There is a huge number guys looking to find women online for quick flings and relationships with a casual sexual nature.
The latest findings suggest that younger women are not as sexually keen or adventurous as their profile description, orientation and picture suggests.
As you age your dating perspective and dating goals mature with you. The majority of daters online are around 24-25. This reduces as you get older with a sharp decline at 30.

The ratio of male to female daters online surprisingly holds steady over time at 11:9 male:female.
So if you think that there are hardly any women online you would be mistaken. There are slightly less women than men at any age. So younger guys or older women shouldn’t have a harder time finding women due to discrepancies in on line dating gender and age.
In reality 50 year olds do seem to find it tough to find love online. Ok cupid call it the “male fixation on youth” which is nicely put. Older Men’s age preferences are skewed higher than any other demographic.
Basically men are not interested in women more than 5 years older than them but are prepared to accept women up to 15-20 years younger! This mindset only worsens with age.

When you compare men’s messaging habits it’s clear that they are happy to contact younger women but reframe from contacting women 3 years older than them.
Even though 30 year old men say in their profile that they are looking for women there own age the numbers are telling us a different story…
Men spend the large part of their online time messaging 18-20 year old girls regardless of their age. Sadly these very same men could be getting much better results by messaging women their own age. And we will see later that women around 30-40 are much more interested in sexual encounters than their younger counterparts anyway.
If your a teenage girl online you might be getting bombarded with winks flirts and smiles from 35+ men!


So if the data from okcupid shows 30 year old men up then what can we say about women?

Women in there 20’s are remarkably open to both same age and older men (apart from not being interested in younger dudes).
Just goes to show all that messaging by the 30 year old guy is paying off and that the younger girls are actually responding.
When it comes to messaging women are focused on contacting guys of the same age. So open mindedness to older guys but not necessarily action taken on their part.

Okcupid found womens dating attitude changed at around 29 to 30. Meaning at this age they were much more comfortable messaging older men than when they were younger than 29. This could be a psychological figure (30) in a women’s head for maturity.

Dating Age Distribution

men seeking women women seeking men
It is interesting to know what women and men are really looking for as their age changes. Around the age of 50 men are twice as sought after as women at the same age.

Ok Cupids Desirability Peaks

If you’re a guy under the age of 21 good luck finding love online because your desirability level is Low! Good luck after 21 though as your dating desirability continues to increase until it reaches a prime age of 36. While female desirability peaks at 21 and drops thereafter!

To sum up even though women are strongly desired when they are young men are desired for longer periods of time.

Why Old Is Gold

Corny enough title to get your attention?
Here’s why men should drop the act of messaging 18 year old teens that don’t know your left ball from your stick and try the older crowd.

Sexual Attitude

The sexual peak of women in their thirties is well known. But lets look at the facts from on online dating perspective.
According to okcupid the attitude to sex becomes more open and positive as women get older.

Okcupid randomly sampled around 100,000 women and across all aspects of sexual activity as women grow through their thirties they are more open and willing to sexual encounters.
If you want a women to take control in bed rather than sitting back older women are interested in doing just that.
Avoiding the cougar stereotypes of 30 + women the attitude towards sexual activity is much more positive. With increased confidence and willingness to experiment older women seem to a great match for the sex charged 25 year old guy.
It’s either the right age at 30 for children and the chemical ques kick in or it’s simply a matter of confidence/self sufficiency.
Increased maturity and lack of limiting body issues could also be the reason for increased sexual activity.
Whatever the reason if your online for a sexual encounter there is little point in competing with the hounds to catch a sexless puppy. Try a single 30 year old women with an open mind a positive outlook and a house to boot.


Let’s face it young women are more attractive than older women. As a women gets past 40 she starts to lose the curves and everything kind of falls apart. As a suggested earlier attractiveness seems to increase with age for men and decrease for women.
The funny thing about the okcupid data is that they found that once the most attractive and most ugly women were removed from the data set there was little change in relative attractiveness.
So I guess it’s good news for everyone. 30+ women through to about 40 really have nothing to worry about in the looks department and your increase in sexual activity is sure to please the guys.
You may be thinking how on earth can a 35 year old women be as attractive as 25 year old?
Check out the image below

The older women are on the left, in case you can’t tell.
You also need to take into account the increased confidence – stability – maturity – sexual activity – and financial security of 30 year old women.
Or though this may sound like an argument towards dating older women it is not. I am merely illustrating a rather odd somewhat skewed trend towards wanting to date younger and younger women when the 30 year old women are actually willing and ready. They are not necessarily preoccupied with marriage either so if you happen to be a guy in your thirties you might just be in a better position than you thought.
Your attractiveness is only going to increase from here and women of your age are keener than ever.

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  1. lots of older women are into younger guys . I myself got engaged to a someone 4 years older than me . Guys tend to date older women simply because there is less hasle

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