Wife Cuts off Husband’s Penis And Tosses it in Garbage Disposal

Watch out fellas – this story should remind us all how infidelity can release a surge of nasty emotions. Jealously can quickly transform into a crazy blood feud… cant it?
This even happened in southern California (SoCAL) where a women actually drugged her ex husband and cut off his penis! She then proceeded to make minced wang out of it by putting it in the garbage disposal!
Did this guy deserve it? NO WAY… Infidelity is rough on anyone but he didn’t deserve to be left bleeding from the crotch.
This guy woke up tied to his bed after being drugged – the picture in your mind of a women using a knife down there is just too much to handle.
This is uncommon but it’s not like this hasn’t happened before – Less violent acts of female rage include using glue to stick a mans penis to his stomach.
Moral of the story – be careful who you trust and don’t go screwing around with infidelity (ashley maidson)
If this is what women can do imagine the destruction men could unleash on a cheating wife…

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