Will These 3 Questions Get You Laid?

The whole concept behind vin dicarlos pandoras box system is that three questions will get the girl.
The website where you buy the product is actually called 3questionsgethegirl…

  • What are these questions and why only 3?
  • Did “corrupt researches” really find a loophole in female psychology?
  • Is it really possible to use 3 questions to  get laid?

In part a lot of this is just good marketing…
Apparently all you need to do is say one of the three attraction boosters… These boosters are three easy sentences proven to make a woman more sexually attracted to you. (They trigger the chemical Oxytocin in her brain – a bonding chemical also shot into her blood when she has an orgasm)
And Ba Da Bing she is attracted to you… All of this can happen independently of your personal finances, appearance or health however if you have these areas of your life sorted out it sure would help your success rate…
Then you then follow a few step by step directions. You get her phone number, a date or even a kiss in under 5 minutes.
You create a ton of trust, love and attraction, with just a little elbow grease.
With the dicarlo coaching programme you finally have the confidence to approach women because you know what works. You have the key to her pandoras box if you will.
The Research:
So is the pandoras box system actually based on anything scientific?
Vin Dicarlos research for the pandora’s box system actually included 96+ books and scientific articles!
What was he looking for?
A key into any woman’s fantasies about sex. And therefore, a way to get any woman into bed!
For example here are just a few of the sources of information:

  1. MBTI Manual (A guide to the development and use of the Myers Briggs type indicator).
  2. Journal of Social Issues, Volume 28, Issue 2
  3. Convergent and factorial validity of the 16PF and the NEO-PI-R
  4. Theories of theories of mind
  5. Brain 125: 1839-1849
  6. NeuroImage
  7. European Review of Applied Psychology
  8. Handbook of personality theory and testing: Vol. 2: Personality measurement and assessment
  9. Journal of Personality Disorders
  10. Personality and motivation: Structure and measurement

This is just a fraction of the condensed knowledge you will acquire when you grab pandoras box today.
Nobody want’s to filter through pages and pages of scientific textbook information in search of “the secret” only to wind up tired and frustrated.
You just don’t have that much time on your hands.
Vin has condensed 90+ books into an ACTIONABLE real life executable system that anybody can use.

Is it as simple as saying three questions?

Nope – if it was that simple every guy would be macking 10’s
But it is an amazing investment in your dating game. Not only will your sex life immediately change but your future relationships will be secured.

  • No more worrying about whether you will ever get an amazing girlfriend that will stick around…
  • Or if you will ever get laid by a women hotter than a 6…
  • No more picking up feral drunk chicks at the end of the night because your too much of a wuss to man up and approach the hot ones…
  • No more awkward silences and humiliating giggles behind your back…
  • No more settling for second best
  • No more lonely nights
Beat out all of the other douchbags in the clubs with their open chested T’s and cocky attitude.

Go home with the women that usually pass you up as a joke.
Outsmart the idiots that make you look stupid with their smooth conversation.
Finally have an unfair advantage over not only all the wonderful women you would like to spend a weekend with but all of those dudes who usually win.
Those guys who seem so smooth but are really just putting on a show for the night.
Finally show them up and be the alpha male… Not with 3 simple questions but with a system that shows you so much more.