Women are from mars men are from venice

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I have to agree that women are a lot different from men in many ways – but one of the biggest constraints I see in nerdy shy guys is the “pussy on a pedestal” metaphor.
They make women out to be this unobtainable mystery which only serves to further distance them from their “prize”. Rather than normalizing women in their mind they create this false fantasy.
You cant afford to create these false realities about women as they are only making things worse.
So how do you normalise a women that to you is far from normal?
Just think of her like you do your sister or your girl workmate…
I bet your thinking… WTF? Is this guy crazy? Why would I want to picture this hot girl like my sister – that’s weird dude.
Hear me out – You gain a lot out of looking at this women in this specific way. You do lose that initial weird euphoric fantasy like concept that you create to make things harder for yourself but this is what you must eliminate if your actually going to create a relationship with her.
Here is a video from comic con talking about the hot girls and the nerdy guys.
Do you see how these attractive women are just normal people who are amused at the silly pick lines from the guys?
By normalising and even degrading them in a joking way you allow yourself to talk on a level playing field. They have faults and quirks just like you – if you believe they are perfect how is their going to be any chance that you will be able to seduce them?
Deep down when you are in this state you don’t believe that you have ANY chance. Why would a perfect angel want to go out with a computer nerd or even a normal guy for that matter.
Well it turns out that you have A LOT over these women – they are not the angels they seem… They are clearly not as intellectually intelligent as you – may not have the worldly knowledge or financial status that you have.
Do not use these aspects of your life against her but use them as fuel to power your confidence. You DO have something to offer her.
So when you are faced with a tricky hot girl situation in the future think of this advice and just treat her like the odd looking girl next door or your annoying little sister.
Rather than trying to jump the bones of the first girl you see treat her like anyone else and use the situation around you for conversation topics.
In the case of the comic con you would ask her why she is hanging around a comic convention amongst all these nerds… What she is here for… Does she even know anything about comics?
I mean you could pay her out about the fact that she knows nothing about the subject matter – you are the expert in this conversation topic so use it.
Not to brag about your lame knowledge about the history of star wars but to level the playing field so that she will give you a chance to chat about other things.
Attached fantasy status to your future dream girl friend only acts to make seduction tougher for you. Help yourself out and normalize the situation. Pick out her faults and bring them to light in conversation in a JOKING manner. You will have many faults too and if she thinks you are taking the piss she wont be impressed.
She will be impressed if you joke about her lack of knowledge about a certain area because you have the nuts to risk it. But treat her like an unobtainable queen and she will accept that title and give you NO CHANCE…

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