Women Love Attention Men Love Sex

NOTE: not all men crave sex as much as some men…
not all women crave attention as much as some women.
Heres a great article titled
Attention is to Women What Sex is to Men
The article by suite101 suggests that the number of times we (men) think about sex a day is similar to the number of times a women is thinking about the attention she gets.

So if the primary motivation of men is sexually related what is the primary motivation of women?

The statistic that men think about sex once every 7 seconds is hard to accept and rationalise because it suggests that we think about sex 12,342 times a day!

The female equivalent is attention!

Women think about whether they are or are not getting attention a similar number of times.
Women want to get attention from men = interaction…
The end result is a whole lot of sex!

Mother nature wins again.

Ok perhaps women do not think about attention 12,000 times a day but their actions and motivations all point to getting attention.
Buying clothes – increases the chance of getting noticed
Putting on makeup – once again draws attention
Talking to friends – direct attention
Doing nice things for other people
Women love the dating game and flirting SO MUCH because they love the attention that they get from men.
Men want to decrease the time it takes to get sex and women want to prolong the flirtatious period to get to know the guy better but also to increase the amount of attention they receive (pre-sex).
Innocent flirtation is exactly what women crave and think about alot. Men are more to the point and are interesting in “spreading thy seed”.
This can confuse the hell out of a guy when a women is flirting with him and then leaves without notice. He thought she was interested in some sort of intimacy but really all she was after was some attention. She got is and now shes off to get some more from someone else.
This happens very often in relationships… The guy is very keen on dating and getting to know the women…
The women is aware that she is not that into the guy but loves the attention that she is getting so doesn’t think twice about saying yes to any date or occasion he sets up.
The guy soon grows frustrated and rejected when the women indicates that she is not that interested in taking things any further.
When a girl takes part in some innocent flirting you are thinking “she’s into me” and I might just get lucky here… She is thinking… this is a great way to get more attention from a hot guy without having to commit to any relationship or have sex.
She just LOVED the attention…
Guys get so much shit from media , women feminists and other guys for just wanting to have casual sex – But men (some more than others) are heavily wired towards this behaviour.
Women on the other hand are wired to a much less harmful act – simply attention.
When you as a guy start to realise this you can use it to your advantage to make women love you even more. This is not about manipulation but rather a deeper understanding behind the motivations of human beings.
Some girls that were starved of attention from their dad when they were young crave so much attention from guys they will do whatever it takes to get it. This is sometimes referred to as being a “slut” but in reality they just want to be the centre of attention.
Too much validation though male attention can really damage girls growing through puberty. Some girls were brought up with much attention and are more introverted and self assured.
It’s easy to think that have an introverted nature is a negative attribute but in reality it’s more likely that you were just brought up well by your parents. You actually have enough security within yourself WITHOUT the external validation of male/female attention.

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