Women Love Sex… Why Wouldn’t They

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According to this article in alternet:

  • Turns out women are actively seeking men for causal sex
  • Turns out women love sex as much as men (perhaps more)
  • Turns out women are more sexually liberated than they have ever been

I would say ABSOLUTELY!… of course they are…
If guys are having lot’s of anonymous sex… Someone has to be on the receiving end right? It’s usually a hand but in many more cases than you would think it’s an equally promiscuous female. But I’m not sure I like that term promiscuous… According to the wiki “The term carries a moral or religious judgement”. So rather than use the word promiscuous that has embedded negative connotations let’s use the word empowered. The feminists would STILL argue women (statistically) earn less and are discriminated against everywhere they go however I think we can agree on empowerment.
With less stigma and labeling, more empowerment, increasing sexuality of pretty much everything in the media AND online casual sex tools… There has never been more casual sex going on.
And it’s GREAT!
It’s not so great for the guy trying to get over a breakup – he will have constant reoccurring nightmares of his beloved ex with multiple guys… But once he get’s over it he can join in the fun and liberation of modern day sexual freedom.
Apparently this study was created with the intention of making a point – the data was collected from areas of the web where women were more likely to be sexually adventurous. So even though we are not talking about statistically robust data here the messages are clear. Women love sex… and wan’t more of it. Of course this idea of wanting more will have motives – they want more of it under the right situations and circumstances.
I’m not sure why men get the idea that women don’t enjoy sex or shy aware from it with any chance they get. It’s just not true. Keep in mind that sex doesn’t have to always be about full penetrative stimulation. We are also talking about other forms of sexual enjoyment that add to the experience and perhaps enrich the bond between two people.

“Of the women who are casually dating and did not identify that their last sex partner was a committed partner – almost 32 percent have a regular casual sex partner, 42 percent a ‘fuck buddy’ or ‘friend with benefits,’ nine percent a ‘booty call,’ and 17 percent had had a one-night-stand.” 88.4 percent of Wentland’s participants said they are “easily sexually aroused. Think men are the only ones with sex constantly on the brain? Almost three-quarters of the women surveyed said they “like to have sex once a day.”

This statistic about women wanting sex everyday may seem high – perhaps it’s a little skewed to the right… but don’t be so alarmed. There is no reason why they shouldn’t.
So this data and this information should really just give you a heads-up to the real motivations and joys of both male and female. Beyond the hustle and stresses of life, once all of the daily duties have been carried out and there is time left in the day… sex isn’t such a bad idea. It’s advice from women themselves – they want you to be able to create the environment where sex is ok. Where she actually has enough energy and love left in her to express it in the bedroom.
Give a women the chance to offer sex: If you know she has had rough day at work make sure she doesn’t have to come home to a houseful of chores. Allow her to unwind and offer her a heated oil massage or take her out to dinner.
If you put just a little bit of effort into creating the SITUATION where sex is a natural process she will initiate it. This is in reference to those in a relationship but the same goes for guys looking for women. Same night one night stands and friends with benefits situations are possible to set up if you allow her to feel comfortable and sexy in your presence.
Enforce your own anxiety , seediness, or nervousness on her and it’s unlikely you’ll get laid. The reason is more than the obvious fact that she will feel awkward around you as a result. A women can feel awkward and nervous in your presence and still want to kiss you. It’s usually because awkward guys are not confident enough to transition out of clubs naturally and create an environment where it’s easy for the women to say yes.
There is a LOT more casual sex going on during friend gatherings, concerts and house parties than any bar hopping Saturday night out. These bar nights are usually for getting contact details. The house party invite the next week is where the action really tends to happen.
With this new found knowledge of female sexuality have the confidence to suggest she goes with you to the next bar… have the confidence to ask for her number or go in for the kiss. Confidence comes from certainty – when you are certain that a women is interested in casual sex (say from a casual dating site) it’s so much easier to escalate. She has told you through her profile that she want’s you to escalate quickly. Just be sure to read the signs of female interest first! Women are well within their rights to change their minds at the last second.
The better you get at reading the signs of female body language the more confident you will be of her response.

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