Women Want Men To Approach Them

Women LOVE to be approached by men that feel comfortable with themselves… in fact women love to be approached – period.
There is a common misconception that women get hit on and approached ALL the time by guys… not true.
They get stared and wolf whistled at way to much for their liking by creepy losers but they hardly EVER actually get approached by any decent guys.
Hot women would love to finally have a guy who knows what he is talking about approach her and talk to her eyes not her chest.
So with this knowledge feel confident that the girl across the room who just looked at you over her shoulder DOES want you to introduce yourself.
Men, you should feel confident that even if she doesn’t want to talk to you it’s ok. We should be dominating the “approach” scene and be able to chat to hot women in a calm and friendly manner any time of the day.


Yes – as a man you have the burden of having to make the first move. It transcends from the dance floor all the way into the bedroom. It’s just how women are wired so don’t expect them to change. You have the motivation to approach so just do it.
The great thing is you don’t have to burden yourself with having to talk all that much.
Once you approach and make them feel comfortable in your presence all you need to do it keep up the questions. Women are quite happy to talk if they know you are interested in them.
Once again it is a burden to have to approach to initiate conversation BUT , right from the start hot women are giving you the power and control.
Grab and harness this control by controlling the conversation. Pick your group and approach, give them the best minute of their lives and then leave…
They will want more of you and ensure that they chat to you before the night is over.
Don’t even think of approaching women if you are not in a confident state of mind. Imagine for a second that you just came back from the gym or from a great day at work and you feel as though you cold conquer anything… You have that aura and energy that surrounds you and engulfs everyone, raising their spirits and making everyone feel at ease.
Remember a time when you felt so confident in your ability that you never considered second guessing your doubting yourself.
The words flow out of your mouth and they are exactly as “god” had intended. People in the room stop and give you’re their undivided attention because they know that godliness has just entered.
You are worthy of their attention because you are in an unbeatable state of mind.
Right can you remember a time when you felt unbeatable? In a state of god like brilliance (what ever that may mean to you)
Right now I want you to remember every little vivid detail of that experience… more importantly I want you to focus very carefully on the emotions that you were feeling. Try to feel them now.
How were you holding your head?
Were you smiling?
Were your arms crossed or open?
Were your shoulders slumped or held back?
Body language is a great way to immediately hit a state of mind that you want to be in. Body language can literally force your mind to obey you and give you strength.
So now that you have a time in your life where you can vividly remember feeling unstoppable and can mimic the body language of that time while feeling happy, smiling and with open arms say in a polite but dominant voice…
Hey how are you… my names… that’s a lovely… (or a statement about location or her attire)
Approaching is REALLY about your state of mind in the moment… You can feel confident in the shower before you go out or with your mates but if you can prompt your mind when you need it most all of this is useless.
It’s not about what you say it’s about how you say it and the confidence with which you are feeling at that time.
Because don’t forget… women have a certain sixth sense that enables them to pick up on your confidence levels. Women are very intuitive and perhaps because of past evolutionary roles of caring they can sense if you are afraid.
So just remember that
She knows if you are afraid of her rejection or response… This makes it all the more important that you are in a great state of mind before you attempt to talk to her.
Don’t go putting it off for hours because the timing will never be quite right…
If your dwelling on the approach for more than a few minutes you have already blown it. Let it pass and go chat to your mates for awhile.
A wonderful state of mind can be created in seconds so once you feel it act on it.
Your energy field and psyche are instantly felt by the people around you… How a man feels about himself is instantly and subconsciously portrayed to the people around him.
There is no denying the women love to be approached! They spend a lot of time and money for ONE sole purpose. Attention. This attention will eventually lead to being approached by a guy. When you approach a women you are silently telling them you are interested.
Even if she isn’t into you she WILL appreciate the attention.
Women want three things out of the deal:
• You to be confident (let them be the nervous ones)
• You to take the lead
• You to be natural

Taking The Lead

Women are literally waiting for YOU to take the lead. Can you remember a time when there was an awkward silence between you and a women… they are waiting patiently for you to direct the conversation, so polite of them don’t you think?
Become the leader of men… and you wont have to chase women any longer. Becoming the leader of men means you have the confidence and ability to project forward successfully. This ties in with taking the lead:
Tell her things like, “let’s go sit her and talk”, or “why don’t we do (fill in blank)”.
It will be obvious if she is not interested and once again you take the lead by excusing yourself from the conversation.
The consequences for not taking the lead in a relationship are catastrophic. We have all seen that sad, deadbeat husband with no direction.
The wife rules the roost and he gets told what to do by his new mother. This guy never took the lead when it came to the approach and now he is paying for it.

Being Natural

Being natural is perhaps one of the hardest seduction techniques to master. It cannot be taught with information: you have to be out in the field enjoying the knocks of life experiences.
Daily exercise and doing what you love would be the only advice I would five to guys looking for natural game.
I did a post on zen dating advice
Which could be helpful for your natural game.
Being at one with the stillness and getting that monkey off your back are all part of having better natural game. For some guys it does come “natural” and for others they have to work on it.
Part of the natural game approach is to simply let go and accept that you are not perfect. Women find the natural approach really cute and by messing up a few times and bring the fact that your not perfect up in conversation really works great. Nobody is perfect and you cant ever be perfect so embrace the real you and celebrate your own unique approaches. You might be surprised at the results.

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  1. All of these lessons for men? Let the women approach so that THEY can learn these wonderful “rejection lessons”.Oh, women do not like being rejected? Gee, that sounds fair!
    Either a woman approaches me or the game is over. I will not be treated like this.

  2. All of these lessons for men? Let the women approach so that THEY can learn these wonderful “rejection lessons”.Oh, women do not like being rejected? Gee, that sounds fair!
    Either a woman approaches me or the game is over. I will not be treated like this.

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