Women Want Sex With No Social Consequences

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Let me explain “no consequence”
In part it means no strings attached but by “strings”
I am not referring to the absence of emotion, passion or even a little love. Those are very much required…
Sex without emotion is void of any real meaning.
By no social consequence I am talking about no ridicule, labeling, pregnancy,   or knowledge of the goings on by friends and family. Women will often leave their home town or nearby area for a short time to revel in the joy of anonymous sex.

Societal Conditioning

Sexually… it’s tough for women:

  1. They are expected to look good, and if they don’t they are relegated to less than the beta male status.
  2. If they are seen to come across slutty they are labelled.
  3. Historically sex was a big risk for women – if they got pregnant it was a dangerous time of their lives.
  4. They are constantly pressured by men to have sex

I am telling you this because the better you are able to understand the pressure and decisions that a women has to make the easier you can make it for her to say what she wants to say… YES… because deep down, she wants to!
Think about it:
If a women just wanted the physical pleasure of sex she would be happy to play with the plethora of toys she has under her bed… No, she wants much more – she is after the closeness of body and that feeling that only being close to someone else can bring. A brief sense of security and understanding perhaps.
You must be after something more than just physical stimulation also because Mrs Palmer just isn’t that satisfying anymore is it? You have to have asked yourself the same question: Why am I motivated to find women for sex apart from the obvious physical pleasure I will receive.
You should be playing up in your mind the reality that being emotionally and physically close to someone else is a huge part of it. You may just be after a brief oral release and many women would be happy to give you that but under the right CIRCUMSTANCE.
If at any point you make her feel used or not respected she will reject the opportunity.

Women Are Sexual

Naturally women are extremely sexual creatures they invented dancing (a display of sexual fitness) ,  flirting and erotic clothing and jewelry. The love to display their sexuality and be respected for it.
But in some ways they are like padlocks that only open with the right key. It should be no surprise to you that most men are using the wrong key. They either plead the box to open or attempt to smash it open with a hammer.
In order to open this box you have to believe that women (subconsciously) love sex and they want it just as much as
(and maybe more than) we do.
Do not feel ashamed that sex is your agenda when interacting with attractive women… NEVER verbalize this agenda but  do be proud of your sexual nature.
Project your sexual nature onto her with your body language (stance, eye contact, smile) without saying anything about it to her directly.
Here is an example: Women dare not say what they really want verbally to the world:

“I want a sexual man who will create an opportunity for sex and will persist past my barriers.”

Take The Lead

If a women lives in fear of being labelled and called slutty do you really think she is going to take the lead and ask for sex? She will only pursue you if your worth it or there is very little chance you will say no. A better scenario to create in your life is allowing women to feel completely safe and without judgement by you or anyone else.
But you still have to take the lead – this is where all the anxiety comes from. Being shot down by a women can be really tough to deal with.
How do I know if she is into me?
Using slow but steady and persistent stepwise seduction techniques you can find out if a women is interested in you without putting yourself out on a limb every time.
more information on this topic read:
Have you ever heard a women say that a man “swept me off my feet”?
It’s somewhat of a romantic symbol but mostly the guy just presented her with a scenario she couldn’t resist and made sure that each location transition was smooth. He was persistent and made sure she felt valued and respected. She didn’t have to do any work because he made it easy for her to say YES to the sex that was inevitable.

Sex with no consequences. That’s what women crave.

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