Women Who Want Casual Sex: Hidden Agendas

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I would be interested to hear from the female readers in the comments below regarding what they believe to be an acceptable casual relationship sequence of events – from email contact to end…
Many guys are under the assumption (rightly so) that casual sex and casual encounters mean just that. They are assuming that women who are looking for casual sex via casual friend finder would like to meet up a couple of nights a week for simply sex.
Some sort of sexual encounter. But more often than not there is a lot more going on behind the scenes. Emotions can get involved very quickly and a causal encounter can soon becomes a strong relationship.
It will depend on the personalities involved and the people you choose to contact. Sites like casual friend finder will have more women that are interesed in the idea of casual encounters.
Free dating sites are a little crazy in both users and interactions. They are more of an open social network than anything else.
So this is really a “shout out” to all of those sane guys out their just looking for a quick lay. casual friend finder does attract some bat shit mad users… those that are not a little crazy may have some hidden motives and agendas.
It’s very understandable for women to need to feel safe – give them the time they need to get to know you both online and offline.
Your experience on casual friend finder will vary considerably depending on what your seeking and the women who end up emailing you back and flirting with you.
If your not having any luck try changing your profile picture to something more sexual and mysterious. Women like to see ab or chest shots that display or suggest male dominance.
You should see an immediate increase in views and flirts when you change your pictures around.
So the main point here is that assumptions can be fairly dangerous even within a site like casualfriendfinder… Despite their very naughty pictures and their seemingly suggestive approach they still may not want to meet up for casual sex at all…
After all women love attention and after they give you the opportunity to have sex with them will you still be interested? They could be fearing that you will simply up and leave soon after the event has ended. Casual sex does not have to be void of emotion and love.
In fact all sex no matter how the relationship is geared should be very emotional for both parties but girls will still be weary of how they are treated once they give up their bodies to you.
Of course this will vary between different personalities – there will be many women who want the blunt description of the term casual sex.
Have an open mind when it comes to using casual sex sites — just because you have her number doesn’t mean she is keen to catch up offline anytime soon.

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