Words Alone Wont Get You Laid

The idea that you can use a certain number of questions to get laid is ridiculous… Any phrase that suggests you can get laid just by talking to a women is lying through their teeth.
I am not saying that speech can’t help you emotionally connect with women but I am saying that speech alone wont get it done. In reference to the pandoras box system 3 questions get the girl it’s a cleverly placed marketing ploy.
The product it’self is well put together and the information very well researched. It’s a professional system for teaching men about female psychology and how to utilize this to get laid.
The reason why I’m certain that 3 questions wont get you laid is because it glosses over the crucial importance body language.
UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian, body language accounts for 55% of that impression (38% comes from tone of voice; the remaining 7% from our actual words). source
I still think the content of what you say is important – but it’s more HOW you say it. You know when you listen to some people and they make you feel good? that hypnotic drone of their voice somehow puts you in a great state?
Almost 40% of your impression is based on your tone of voice… Shocking.
So I guess I am just saying that 3 questions will get you the girl IF you focus on content AND delivery.
The pandoras box system is a very well put together, thoroughly researched seduction product that does not gloss over this in the system itself.
But it does use the idea that you can speak to a women and with the mere use of words have her waiting on your every word… Hard to believe but an exiting idea all the same.
I can’t tell you what the 3 questions that will get you laid are… it would spoil the secret.
But you can discover them here >>

More Than Pick Up Lines To Get Laid

The tricky thing about getting laid is understanding female psychology and how it relates to your own behavior. Becoming more self aware of her emotions and resistance factors like trust and safety are also crucial.
The pandoras box system understands this and goes into detail about the different female personalities. It teaches you much more than just pick up lines to get laid. Women are more complex than that – they wont allow you into their personal space with a few lines but they will if you have a complete understanding of what motivates them sexually.
If your able to display the right attraction signals
If your able to connect with her emotionally by not only using the right words but also the right body  language and eye contact
If your able to create an environment where it’s easy for her to say yes to your advances so that she doesn’t feel used or slutty in any way
Then it’s nigh on impossible not to get laid – because deep down women invented this whole game… They love being close to a guy that understands them and wake up feeling safe rather than used.
But let this not distract you from the power of words – they wont get you laid but they will get you very close. They do have the power to put women into emotional states that make them more likely to say yes to you. Because women wont say yes to sex intellectually only emotionally hence the reason for foreplay. She needs to be in an aroused state to accept you as a random guy in a bar.
Captivate her during the comfort phase and allow her to share her own personal stories… Sense words that describe feelings and emotions rather than descriptions of fact will get her into state.
I guy like ross jeffries is really into this nlp wordplay stuff.
Like I said early it really only accounts for a small percent of your overall effectiveness but if it’s something you want to focus on by all means get great at it.
It’s actually the combination of sense wording, eye contact , voice tone, posture and keno that will get you laid.
If your heading out tonight and plan on casual sex with an unsuspecting women of the night just understand that secretly she want’s what you want…
But she needs a guy to be able to do two things:

  1. Get her out of her head and into an emotional state of attraction toward you
  2. Provide an easy way for her to say yes to sex…

You have to be in the moment… In her head and talking about emotional topics… There has to be some sort of sexual tension created as a result of her attraction.
The transfer from point of contact to bed must be serendipitous – meaning she accidently found herself back at your place rather than it being planned all along… even if that’s what she planned for anyway.

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