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Joining is easy and it offers free standard membership. Although this free membership has very limited functionality it’s enough to test drive their system and see what they have in store for paying members.  Having a paid or premium membership will allow unlimited access and usage of all of the amazing features of the site (video chat etc)

For those who are willing to upgrade their membership, they have a choice between silver and gold membership plans. Monthly silver membership is $29.95 and it will drop to $19.95 per month if you subscribe for three months subscription. Gold membership plans starts at $34.95 per month. It will be down to $23.32 per month if you buy it for three months. You also have the choice to buy longer membership which lowers the monthly rate. Annul gold membership is at $9.99 per month billed once for the whole year subscription.

There are two ways to pay for your membership. BlackBook accepts several online payments methods offered by known online billers. If you choose to pay via mail money order you can send it to:

Digifund Global Holdings Inc.
125-720 King St. West
Suite 409
Toronto, ON M5V 3S5

For membership subscriptions paid though money order your account will be activated once payment has been received and processed. To make the processing quicker you should include your username and email address.

Online payments are offered by the following payment billers.

  • – accepts major credit and debit cards online. Your payment will appear on your statement as a payment made to EPOCHEU.COM.
  • – Commerce Gate is another biller for XXBlackBook you can check your statement for payments made to They accept major credit cards online.
  • – Segpay accepts credit card payments and will process your membership payments. You can check yoru statements for payments made to
  • – CCBill is a popular online biller. They accept major credit and debit cards online. It will simply appear on your statement as payment made to CCBILL.
  • – This biller accepts online check payments. You will need to have checking account to make this payment. Your payment will appear as made to. WTS* 800.717.7476″ or “WEB 800-975-3534” or “800-975-5280.

Payments made online will take seconds to activate your account. Please remember though that by default your account is set to renew when your current subscription ends. This is to avoid interruption of service. You can cancel your subscription by contacting the site support or your biller before your subscription ends.

Canceling your paid subscription will not mean suspension or cancelation of your account. You can still enjoy the rest of the term you’ve paid. You will be notified if you wish to renew your subscription later.

BlackBook offers three months hook up guarantee for paying members. With their massive membership including hot local ladies and other adult fun seekers this aim is attainable. But to do this you will have to take a few moments to set up your profile, and take advantage of the sites features.

Update: As of January 2019, xxxblackbook now redirects to

Your profile is your personal page where you can showcase yourself to everyone in the site. By default your profile is public and whatever you put in there is visible to all members. But members can opt to make their profile private. This will make your profile visible only to your connections. offers a fun way to stardom. It allows users to rate each other. Members can rate other users from 1 -10. Each member can vote only once, the more positive ratings you get, the more popular you become. That means that you have higher chances of getting your name into search results. Of course you can pay extra to advertise your account or profile and gain more hits.

Editing your profile is very easy. Try to fill in as much information as you can and make it sound exciting. Basic fields of your profile is where you can put your tagline or your motto. Your age, gender and preferences are found here. These are required fields which will help other members find you using the search option.

Your personal settings will include your relationship status, languages, fetish or sexual preference, night life, and hobbies. Next to it is an option to include your physical description. This will tell how you appear; this will include your height, weight, built, hair color, eye color, physical activities etc.

Your extended profile will allow you to explain yourself in your own words. Say as much as you want and make it very interesting. Tell people what you love to do in your free time (no just “i love to fck”. If you’re looking for fun, explain what kind of fun you’re looking for. You can also include the type of girl or guy whom you’re interested to meet.

Finally you should be specific about your location. When signing up, XXBlackBook will automatically fill this field for you. It will include your current city and state. For those who are not in the US it will include city and country. If the information is inaccurate try to find the nearest city listed. If you travel and you’re looking for fun in your current location you can always change your current location from your profile settings.

XXBlackBook is a good start to begin your search for local hookups. The site offers an exceptional search option for members to find users near them. This is the easiest way to find nearby girls and guys who wants to get laid. Once you find someone interesting, go ahead and send him/her a short message. If that someone is online try the chat function. You never know it may end up with both of you naked on the same bed a couple of hours later.

XXBlackBook is not only a dating or adult personals website. If offers a variety of adult homemade videos uploaded by members. You will be surprised at the quality of videos which you can find here. You will see users making out with their wives, ladies fingering on cam, and many other fetishes.

Needless to say this website is one of our recommended places for you to find erotic fun and possible hookup. Why don’t you try it out, give it three months to see if their three month hookup guarantee will work for you.


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