Yangutu is a new dating site that bases it’s matching criteria on statistics. If you have heard of okcupid.com before then yangutu is similar because they to use a combination of statistical data. But yangutu also uses medical and psychological factors to pick your matches.
Yangutu actually means “- My one and only.” In (swahili)
Yangutu does not believe in complex psychological testing but rather believes that using the successful matches of the past to create algorithms for statistical significance works better.
Science and psychology is somewhat unprovable even though there is certainly some merit in using personality and psychological analysis for matchmaking.
Yangutu.com is a new dating site so the single base won’t be impressive but if they continue to grow and adapt you might see another okcupid emerging.
Yangutu also implements MEDICAL science which is certainly a new approach. They suggest that your matches will decrease the chance of inherited disease… An interesting approach.
Yangutu is a new site with few user reviews but by all accounts looks professional.


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