You Have NO Excuse To Be Single

Chances are you single…
You’re not alone:
There are thousands of singles in the same situation as you.
They might have just broken up with their ex or had a rough divorce.
They might have never dated before or have had more than one partner and just call themselves single for fun.
You have no excuse to be single when you have sites like plenty of fish that offer free dating in your area. That is of course if you actively want to be single then thats fine. But otherwise there are thousands of singles in your area waiting to be emailed to be asked out. Because the truth is… if your single and alone – there are a lot of other people in the same situation.
The reality is all of these situations and personalities are living in your area right now and if you play your cards right you can get to know anyone of them.
There are no excuses to be single anymore – with free online dating sites at everyone’s finger tips it enables spontaneous connection with locals like never before.
Sites like plenty of fish now have such massive databases of singles they are present in pretty much every major city in the world. So in 10 minutes or less you can be chatting with a potential date for the weekend.

No Excuse To Be Single

If we have been single for a long period of time we tend to create excuses to heal the pain.
All of these fears whether they are true or not are EXCUSES all the same and they are created by you to cover up the real pain. You then rationalize why you are single and it’s all ok, you get through another month or year being the lonely 30 year old when everyone else is getting married and having kids.
I am too busy at work to find time for dating
Why are you working? What is the purpose of your work? Do not let work cloud the real reason why you are living. Your work title should NOT be a life description. You should not be “bob the builder” or “sally the receptionist” your are much more than that, you have more to give this world than work and work titles. Make time for the most important thing you can give and that is unconditional love to your soulmate.
I don’t have enough money to spare for seduction
Dating does not have to be expensive… With free dating sites such as and you can save yourself a ton of time and money. State in your description that you are interested in some simple first dates such as a bike ride/walk in the park and an icecream.
I’m sure you can spare $2 on a Sunday for love… You know all to well that money is not the problem, its your fear of rejection that is holding you back from going out and dating again. There is no excuse anymore for being single.
There’s just not enough time in the day for all of those first dates required to find true love
No matter how busy your life is you know that it comes down to priorities. Dating again is all about the importance you place on your love life. If you are serious about eliminating loneliness or you really want to have kids in the next few years you have to start placing a higher priority on dating. It’s about getting out there and making yourself available so decide how important it really is and make time for it in your “busy” schedule.
I am sure you can spare a few hours in the weekend to meet someone new, all it takes is some creative reorganisation. MAKE TIME for whats really important in your life and get rid of the rest. Using sites like plentyoffish, eHarmony or vipsingles can really help with dating on a short time budget.
No one will love me I’m to unattractive… remember what happened last time you tried that dating business
Perhaps one of the biggest insecurities of daters who have been out of the game for awhile is rejection and inadequacy due to
Whether you think you are:
Very unattractive
Very overweight
Too insecure
A social outcast
It’s not as bad as you think. Somewhere within your city (if you’re in a large one) there WILL be someone waiting for you.
Once again free online dating (or paid) has the answer.
You are able to filter by age gender hobbies interests etc. Post a picture that highlights your good points and clearly write in your profile what you are looking for. Outline your situation and who you are looking for. Be patient and sign up for multiple sites.
If you think your too large there are a ton big beautiful women sites around the place such as

With Online Dating You Have No Excuse Too Be Single

You have to put in the work… You might have to change some areas of your life and some routines that make you feel safe and secure.
Changing your routines is the only way forward if you think your overweight. Diets don’t work but routine and life changes DO.
That means doing something every day toward losing the weight. It might be slow and hard but there will be rewards along the way to keep you going.
Feeling lonely is your bodies way of letting your know that something is wrong. You need someone in your life to share experiences and joys of life with.
You might have to shell out some cash for a paid dating site if plentyoffish does not work. You will hear of complaints from women on the site that the men are only interested in sex. If you a guy then finding a women on plentyoffish could be a tough ask.
If you have $20 to spare / month then a site like or or are great steps forward to the effort it will take to find someone.
You are going to need to get off the couch and actually meet someone but for now your first step towards eliminating loneliness is to sign up. This involves almost no energy at all, just a decision to make something happen.
Get out their and make yourself available in the dating game because you have NO EXCUSE to be single anymore.

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