You Will Never Find Mister Right

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You Will Never Find Mister Right
Now of course this title is a little harsh
The truth is you could find mister right – it all depends on your list of “mister right attributes” that you are looking for.
Heres why I say you will never find mister right…
The very phrase – I am waiting for mister right indicates that you are particularly choosy about the man in your life.
Just how strict are you being about who you will go out with?
It’s ok to have standards but you also need to understand that relationships require COMPROMISE
If you have it in your head that you will not budge on certain male qualities your really limited the amount of potential dates you can go on.
Are you being an unrealistic dater?
If you are not being proactive + live in a medium to small town do you really think that:
Dave – The Stunning, Wealthy, Athletic Funny and Romantic Investment banker will somehow find you?
What’s wrong with Dave the Stunning, Athletic Funny and Romantic Builder?
Not good enough for you?
Perhaps you should take a look in the mirror and see what you have to offer him.
Write down your qualities you posses as a women and see if these match up to what you are expecting of him.
If you are seeking mister right… Are you Miss Right?
Sometimes you need another man or women’s perspective on this as we tend to be a little biased when it comes to our own attributes.
I am only telling it how it is here… Women seem to have huge expectations of men these days. Yet they are hardly athletic, and not particularly funny or intelligent…
Yet because they are attractive they think the world owes them the knight in shining armour.
Yes this might come across as a little rant post
No I am not trying to put women down – I admire everything about them.
I just think some women need to put things in perspective and be realistic about today’s modern man.
We are trying:
To be more attractive
To be Manly (but not too manly)
Be sensitive and emotional at the right times
To be the family man (but also rich)
To be intelligent ( but also athletic and socially connected)
It’s tough to be a women… We know – the media tells us every day.
But it’s also tough to be a guy looking to find dates in a world where women are demanding more and more.
Keep demanding! We love a challenge and we WILL meet it.
Just be realistic in the mean time – Guys are stubborn and slow to change at the best of times.

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