How To Get A Girl To Like You: Your Guide to Get and Keep the Woman You Want

how to get a girl to like you

The ultimate question every man asks is how to get a girl to like you. Most men think women are mysterious complicated creatures. While they may be more complicated than men, understanding them doesn’t require a P.h.D. in psychology. The key is to know what they really want and how and when to give it to them.

How To Get A Girl To Like You

How to Be More Attractive

If your dating life isn’t quite meeting your expectations, it may be time for you to up your attractiveness game. Men tend to associate attractiveness with the looks that you are born with. However, there are many ways to enhance your attractiveness, and these can be more important than your actual looks.

Take your favorite car, for example. If you don’t wash your car for several months, it won’t look very attractive. It doesn’t matter how beautiful it could be if you can’t see past months of dirt. Your grooming habits,  personality, and confidence level all have an impact on how attractive you appear to women.

Be a Gentlemen

One of the most important advice on how to get a girl to like you is Everyone has different definitions of what a true gentleman is. Don’t worry about fitting into someone else’s definition of being a gentleman, but figure out what it means to you. At its heart, being a gentleman is about respect. Respect for others that you meet is a big part of it, but respect for yourself is equally important. Be considerate to other people, but don’t be a push over. Open doors for women. Be on time or at the very least call and apologize if you will be late. Treat people the way you want to be treated, and don’t expect anything less from them. Respect and manners are severely lacking in today’s world, and showing the girl that you are interested in that you are a gentleman will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Be Interesting

There are few things worse than someone who is boring. There’s a scene in the tv show “Reign”. A girl needs to marry nobility so that her family will be taken care. She meets a man who is of noble birth. He’s kind and caring. The problem is he’s only interested in one subject. Pepper. Every time someone tries to change the subject, he links it back to pepper, and in doing so becomes a very memorable though very boring character. Needless to say, he doesn’t get the girl.

To be attractive to women it’s important to be interesting. Spend time learning new things. Have things in life that you are passionate about. Keep an open mind, and explore thoughts, places, ideas, and opinions. Learn more about the things that fascinate you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or have an opinion. It also helps to have interesting friends, because we pick up on many of the characteristics of those we are close to.

You should have a wide range of interests. If no one is engaged in your conversation, then move on to another subject. The problem with the pepper man wasn’t that his pepper stories weren’t interesting. The problem was that pepper was his only interest.

Body Language

Your body language will impact your attractiveness for better or worse. We decide if we are attracted to someone within seconds of meeting them, and your body language can have a big impact on whether or not a beautiful girl finds you attractive. Keeping your torso open will make you seem more open and confident. Keeping your hands out in the open makes you appear more trustworthy. Another simple way of using body language to your advantage is to take up more space. When you are confident, you will naturally take up more physical space in a room. The man in the picture is a perfect example of a confident man. He is taking up space, and his body language is very open as well.

The Smile Debate

Smiling makes men more attractive. Smiling makes men less attractive. Which one of these statements are correct? It depends on which study you are reading, as different studies have come up with conflicting results. One study found that men were more attractive when they looked serious or even shameful. Another found that smiling increased a man’s attractiveness. Perhaps the lesson here is that it’s all about context. Sure a serious brooding man can be incredibly sexy, but so can a smiling happy man. Smile if and when you feel like it, and you will be more likely to attract a woman who likes your personality, no matter how serious or fun loving you are.

Being Able to Say No

Knowing when and how to say no will make you more attractive. Women don’t want a pushover. They want a challenge. You’ll need to strike a balance between meeting their needs and not compromising on your own. It all comes back to respect. You should have enough respect for yourself to say no when you need to.


Grooming and hygiene is essential to being attractive. First, take care of your teeth. Bad breath or unbrushed teeth are a huge deal breaker for women. Next, consider your hands and feet. Clean and trimmed nails on your hands and feet will make you more attractive. You should also take care of your skin. A regular skin care routine including a moisturizer will keep your skin looking healthy. You should get regular haircuts as well. You don’t need the trendiest haircut. What you do need is to give the impression that you take care of yourself. Many women find beards attractive, but only if you keep it neatly trimmed. Not everyone can pull off the ZZ Top look.

Signature Scent

A signature smell also helps set you apart and raises your level of attractiveness. If you don’t have one yet, you should. Smell is strongly linked to memory and emotion, so it can certainly give you an edge. Having a signature scent can remind a woman of the great times you’ve shared, and it can turn her on as well. When you are choosing a signature scent, it’s important to know that you do get what you pay for. Cheap cologne will ultimately smell like cheap cologne. Good cologne will have a Top, Middle, and Base note. The Top note is the first thing you smell when you apply it. As time goes on, it fades into the middle note, and ultimately into the base note. When you are choosing a signature scent, narrow it down to two scents that you like. Then apply one scent to each wrist. Smell them over the next few hours, and one of them should stand out to you. Your scent will interact with the cologne, so it won’t smell the same as it does on anyone else. It’s also believed that your preferred scents actually advertise and amplify your genetic make up. It’s thought to be part of the evolutionary process that ensures gene diversity. The bottom line is some girls will find your scent more attractive than others depending on your genetic compatibility.

Dress to Impress

The way you dress has a huge impact on how attractive women find you. After all, it’s one of the first thing anyone notices about you. One of the most important things is to be sure that your clothes fit you properly. They should also be free of stains and fit your age level. Dressing like you did at 18 when you are in your 30’s is not the way to winning a woman’s affection. You should also cultivate your own personal style. Are you the rugged outdoor type? Suave and sophisticated? Athletic? You can express your personality and give women an idea of who you are by the way that you dress.

Whatever you choose to wear, be sure that it looks flattering on you. To do this you’ll need to take a trusted friend with you when you go clothes shopping. Taking someone who will give you an honest opinion so you can be sure that your clothes look good on you.

You also want to dress for the occasion. It’s a good idea to dress a little nicer than everyone else. This will allow you to stand out, and make you appear to be more classy than the men around you. Keep your choice of colors in mind as well. Figure out what colors look best on you. You can never go wrong with black, white, and brown, but you’ll want at least one brighter color in your wardrobe.

Don’t forget your shoes when you are choosing your wardrobe. Sneakers generally aren’t advisable unless you are doing an athletic activity. Black or brown dress shoes or Lugz type boots will look great with almost anything. Whatever type of shoe you choose to wear, they should be clean and well maintained. Your shoes say a lot about who you are.

Here are the things that you can do to become more attractive.

  • Be a gentleman
  • Be more interesting.
  • Use your body language
  • Smile
  • Know when to say no
  • Have good hygiene
  • Dress to impress
  • Have a signature smell

How to Get a Woman’s Attention

You’ve found a girl that you are interested in but how to get a girl to like you is one of the next steps to leveling up your relationship. How do you get her attention? First, you’ll want to follow the above steps to be as attractive as possible. Once you have that down, here’s how to get her attention.

Alpha Male

To get a woman’s attention, you’ll need to present yourself as an Alpha Male. Your body language can give you the look of confidence of need. Keep your back straight and your shoulders and chest out. You shouldn’t look like you are in a military formation, but you shouldn’t slouch either. This is the first step to getting a woman’s attention.

Be Genuine

You’ll want to be the alpha male, but she will know if you aren’t being yourself. Practice your confidence and posture until it becomes a part of who you are. Be honest and respectful, and let your personality shine through. Being yourself can also allow you to show your uniqueness, and further separate you from your competition. Just keep in mind there’s a line between unique and strange. Unique is a hobby, a personal style, or a personality trait that sets you apart from everyone else. Collecting ships in a bottle is unique. Dressing up as a furry on the weekends is strange.

Eye Contact

If you are interested in a woman and would like to get her attention, give her a slight smile and make eye contact. Hold it for a few seconds. When you look away, look to the side. Never look down when you break eye contact, because it’s a sign of submission.

You’ll also want to place yourself where you can be seen. Don’t hide in a corner. Be sure you are within the line of sight that of the girl that you are interested in.

Make eye contact a few times. If she responds with a smile and open body language, you have her attention. It’s time to make your move.

Be Straightforward

Ihow to get a girl to like you you’ll need to be straight forward. This doesn’t mean that you should be crass, but you should make your interest and intentions clear. Don’t be afraid to walk up to a girl and talk to her.

Make Her Feel Comfortable

Once you’ve began a conversation with her, be sure that she feels comfortable. If she seems closed off, then you’ll need to slow down a bit or move on to the next beautiful lady. Be sure to talk about her. Be polite and interested in who she is. Give her a compliment that isn’t about her looks. Maybe you like the way she’s vibrant and outgoing. Maybe she made you laugh. Compliment her personality in a genuine way, and you will certainly have her attention.

Touch Her

When you are in the midst of conversation, touch her. Brush against her arm or her hand. It should seem accidental. If she seems to enjoy the touch, then she is interested in you. Ask for her number, or go ahead and ask her for a date.

Let’s recap how to get a woman’s attention.

  • Be the alpha male
  • Be genuine
  • Make eye contact
  • Be straightforward
  • Make her feel comfortable
  • Touch her

How to Keep Her Interested

Keeping a woman interested can be the real challenge. Getting her interest for a night is one thing, but how do you keep her interest?

Push Pull

A relationship is like a dance. You take two steps forward and two steps back. If you take too many steps forward, you end up chasing her. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t what the woman wants. She knows that valuable things require work to attain. If you make it to easy for her to “get you”, then she won’t value the relationship.

You should be one step behind her in the relationship. If she sends you two texts, then you send her one. You’ll also want to change it up a bit. Move in closer, and then pull back. This is one of the biggest things you can do to keep her interested. This concept is called mirroring, and it was first mentioned in The Art of Love, a poem written in 2 a.d. What works the best, however, is mirroring minus one. You mirror her emotions back to her, only you show a little less interest than she does. If she moves in closer, so do you, but not quite as much. When she withdraws, you withdraw as well.

Get Her Invested

You want to make her feel special, but you want her to put work into the relationship to. The more invested she is, the less likely she is to lose interest. Picture a slot machine. When a woman puts a few coins in, she isn’t very invested in the outcome. After an hour, she’s much more invested in the machine, and she’s much more likely to keep playing until she wins.

Don’t Put Her on a Pedestal

You want to be nice to her and make her feel valued, but you need to value yourself as well. Make her work for your attention at times, and lavish her with it at other times. Keep her chasing you, but be sure to reward her enough that she doesn’t give up on pleasing you.

Nice Guys Finish Last

Maybe you are the nice guy, or maybe you know someone who is. They treat women very well. However, they end up in the friend zone, the woman loses interest in the relationship, or she takes total control over the guy. You don’t want to be this guy. Respect yourself enough to not give too much, and you’ll be able to walk that fine line between being “a nice sexy man” and a “nice guy”.

Live Your Life

You’ll want to include your special lady in your life, but you should still have a life. Don’t drop everything to be with her on a regular basis. Doing so occasionally can make her feel wanted, but doing so on a regular basis makes you look clingy. Continue to do the things that you did before you got together. Don’t blow her off for no reason, but don’t be at her beck and call all of the time, either.

Listen to Her

Guys, this is a biggie. If you want to keep a woman interested, you need to listen to her. Be interested in what she is saying. Ironically, not listening to a woman may be a biological issue. Women’s voices are very different than men’s. They are much more complicated. Studies have shown that men actually have a harder time deciphering a woman’s voice.

Here’s a common scenario. You are busy doing something, and your girlfriend is trying to talk to you. You ignore her. then your friend comes in, and you start talking to him. You can blame it on biology, but it won’t make her feel any better.

Take time out when you are focusing on your conversation with each other. Get rid of potential distractions. Look in her eyes. Hold her hand, and listen to her. It will make her feel loved and valued, and she will see you as a great catch. Remember it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to tune in to her for a few minutes, and the reward is well worth it.

Let Her Know She’s Special

There are different ways to make your lady feel special. Plan a romantic date and surprise her with it. Light candles in your bedroom and surprise her with a sexy nighty.

Talk to her and tell her how you feel about her. You’ll want to mirror her feelings, but be a little less intense than her. If she says I love you, say I think I’m falling for you. Don’t say anything that you don’t feel, and hold back just a little.

Leave Her Wanting More

This is one of the best tips you will ever get. Always leave her wanting more. Whether it’s phsycial contact, revealing your emotions, or your time, always leave her wanting more. Try taking her to bed, getting her sexually excited, and then getting up and leaving. Tell her that the waiting will make your next time together incredible. It will drive her crazy, and will certainly keep her interested. Just be sure that you are withholding in a playful manner so you don’t seem like a jerk.

So, to keep her interested, you’ll need to:

  • Push/Pull
  • Get her invested
  • Don’t put her on a pedestal
  • Don’t be a pushover
  • Listen
  • Live your life
  • Make her feel special
  • Leave her wanting more

How to Turn Her On

You’ve got the girl, and you are holding her interest. Now it’s time to learn how to turn her on like a pro.


Keeping the excitement level up in your relationship will help to turn her on. Watching horror movies, going on spontaneous dates, and exciting activities like rock climbing are great ways to boost the excitement in your relationship. She will relate the excitement to you, and it will turn her on.

Use Your Words

Men are more turned on by visual stimulation. Women are more turned on by imagination. This means that you can get a woman very excited simply using your words.

One way to begin to turn her on is to use words that can be dirty or innocent. Use these words in a nonsexual way, and you will plant the seeds for turning her on. The words you should use are:

  • Wet
  • Deep
  • Come
  • Hard
  • Eat
  • Inside
  • Dripping

Tell Her What You Want to Do

The best way to do this is to describe some point in the future when you would do something to her. “I can see us going on vacation and lying on the beach naked”, for example. Keep it going and describing what you would like to do to her. Describing it as something that will happen in the future, instead of very soon, gives her enough space to find the idea less intimidating. This leaves more room for her imagination to work overtime.


When you are using touch, you want it to seem natural. She shouldn’t consciously realize what you are doing, at least at first. The safest places to touch her are her hair, hands, and arms. You can also place your hand on the small of her back when you are walking together.

When you get a few non-threatening touches in, it’s time to up your game. Move to her face, neck, and her legs.  For example, you could compliment her dress and touch it, and her. You could accidentally brush your hand against her arm or her thigh.

If she responds favorably to your “accidental” touches, it’s time to be a little more obvious. Hold her hand. Tell her how beautiful she is and stroke her face. Sit next to her and place your hand on her thigh. These are all signals that will tell her body what you want, and they will get her in the mood as well.

Eyes and Voice

It is crucial to look a woman in the eye when you are trying to turn her on. Give her a seductive smile or a serious look that lets her know how you feel about her. Just be sure not to overdo it, so you don’t seem creepy. Most women will break the eye contact first.

Know How to Kiss Her

Kissing is a big part of turning a woman on. A woman will judge how good you are in bed by how well you kiss. If your kissing isn’t up to par, you probably won’t get any farther. However, your goal shouldn’t be simply to be average and get her into bed. Your goal should be to be a great kisser. Give her a kiss she won’t forget.

First, you should be present in the moment. Nothing is a bigger turn off than a man who is going through the motions like he is completing chores. Start by lightly kissing her neck or collarbone before moving on to her lips. Use your hands as well. Hold her face in your hands. Stroke her face or run your fingers through her hair. You should also kiss her just to be kissing her. Women can sense when you’re wondering how long you have to kiss her before you can move to the next base. Just kiss her, and let things go where they will.

Here’s a recap of how to turn her on:

  • Excitement
  • Use your words
  • Tell her what you would like to do to her
  • Touch her
  • Convey desire with your eyes and voice
  • Know how to kiss

Making Her Fall in Love

Knowing how to make her fall in love can be valuable, and it can help you keep the woman that you want. If you are using all of the above advice, you are already on your way to making her fall in love with you, if that’s what you want.

Should You Make Her Fall In Love

You should be aware of the four love permutations before you decide to get a woman to fall in love with you.

  1. She loves you, and you love her
  2. You both enjoy being together, but neither of you are in love
  3. You love her, but she doesn’t love you
  4. She loves you, but you don’t love her

Situations one and two feel good and enjoyable to both of you, and these are the situations you should be aiming for. You don’t want her to fall in love with you if you don’t feel the same way, because it will become awkward and uncomfortable for both of you. There’s little value in making a woman fall in love with you if you don’t feel the same.

Know Her Love Language

There are five different love languages. These are the ways that we genuinely hear “I love you”. We also tend to express our love in the same way. The five love languages, and a brief description of them.

  1. Words of affirmation: Compliments, saying you are proud of them
  2. Acts of service: Showing you love them with your actions, doing nice things for them
  3. Receiving gifts: Giving them gifts no matter how big or small
  4. Quality Time: Spending time with them with no distractions
  5. Physical touch: Kissing them, holding them, making love

The love language that your lady speaks will be the one that she uses to show her love to you. It’s also good to know your own love language, so you can better understand how you receive and express love. If you are at a stage where it is appropriate, you can both take this test to find out what your love language is. If not, then take it yourself. Then take it trying to answer the questions from her point of view. It isn’t a scientific process, but it may give you insight into her love language.

Meet the Parents

To make her fall in love with you, you will probably need to meet her family. The reason is three fold. First, it makes her feel like you take your relationship seriously and want to have a future with her. Second, her family and friends have a big influence over who she dates and falls in love with. Third, seeing you be nice to people she loves will increase her feelings for you.

Talk About the Future

This doesn’t mean you should propose to her. Early in the relationship, you can talk about a vacation that you would like to take her on down the road, or talk about doing summertime activities with her when it’s wintertime or vice versa. This should come about naturally in conversation, don’t force it. It’s a non-threatening way to say that you see the two of you being together in the future. As the relationship progresses, you can move on to more serious discussions about your future. Just don’t commit too much too soon, this will likely turn her off. She wants a challenge, but she wants to know that she has a chance of winning as well.

Earn Her Trust

Be honest with her. If you told lies early in your relationship, consider coming clean. Trust is essential, especially when she is beginning to fall for you. She should also be able to trust you with her heart and her secrets. Give her a safe place to open up and express herself, and look out for her best interests. You should be someone that she can depend on and lean on.

Let Her Miss You

It’s true. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. As your bond deepens, you may want to spend all the time that you can together. Spending time together is essential, but she needs space to miss you. When we miss someone, we realize what we like about them. We also tend to idealize them in our mind, which can’t hurt your chances of getting her to fall in love. Everyone needs their space, and missing someone from time to time is part of a healthy relationship.

Show Her You Value Her

A woman isn’t likely to give her heart to a man if she doesn’t feel valued. Express the things that you like and admire about her. Treat her with respect. Keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Be Mysterious

Being mysterious is something that we tend to think of as being important in the beginning stages of the relationship, but it can also have an impact on whether or not she falls in love with you. A study was conducted, asking couples why they fell in love. The person and/or the relationship being mysterious was a common answer. You’ll need to let her into your heart and life if you want her to fall in love with you. However, you’ll want to retain a little mystery as well.


A study conducted in the 1950s found that 54% of couples that applied for marriage licenses lived within 16 blocks of each other when they met. Of course, transportation then was much different than it is now, but the underlying cause remains.

It’s repeated exposure, a concept advertisers understand very well. However, it influences much more than what laundry detergent we choose to buy. Apparently whatever emotion is dominant in a relationship is magnified by subsequent meetings. To get her to fall in love with you, you need to be near. In today’s day and age, this doesn’t have as much to do with physical distance as it does making spending time with her a priority.

  • Do you want her to fall in love?
  • Know her love language
  • Meet the parents
  • Talk about the future
  • Earn her trust
  • Make her miss you
  • Show her that you value her
  • Spend time with her
  • Be mysterious

How to Steal a Girlfriend

We’ve all been there. You are interested in someone, but they are dating someone else. The good news is you may be able to steal her if you know how to do so. Keep in mind these techniques take time and interaction with the girl so you’ll need to decide if she’s really worth the trouble before you proceed.

Learn About Her

Find out everything that you can about her. Talk to her and remember her likes and dislikes. If she talks to you about things her boyfriend does that she doesn’t like, pay particular attention. Be sure that you do the opposite of what he does in those situations. You may be able to ask her friends or family as well. You should only do this if you are already acquainted with them, and don’t make it seem like you are trying to hit on her. It should just come up naturally in conversation.

Ask Her About Her Boyfriend

This one is a bit of a competition. Ask her what kind of guy her boyfriend is. Then ask her what she thinks about you. Compare your “scores”, and come up with ideas about how to move up in the rankings. Then go back to talking about what’s his name like it was just a joke.

Make Her Fall

Treat her with the same admiration and respect that you would if you were dating. Make it a point to spend time with her. Talk to her. Remember her birthday and other special occasions. Offer to do things for her. You’ll need to strike a balance here. You want to feel like more than a friend to her, without making her feel any pressure to choose you. You want to come across as a friend that she can see having a relationship with.

Give Her What He Can’t

You should give her what he can’t with your words and actions. If she complains about something he does, let her know that you would never do that. Your actions should back this up. If he doesn’t give her enough attention or doesn’t listen to her, be sure that you do when you spend time with her.

Bump Into Her

You can use all the information that you’ve gathered to “accidentally” bump into her. Say that fate has brought you together, so you are clearly meant to be. Leave it open to her interpretation as to whether or not you are serious. If she agrees with you, then you’ve got your girl. If she doesn’t, pretend it was all a joke. Keep being her more than friend, and try again later.

Just Ask Her

Of course, the time may come when you have to man up and just ask her to go out with you. The time it takes for a woman to want to be with you depends on the girl and how strong her feelings for her current boyfriend are. When you ask her, you should make it clear that you would like to be her boyfriend. You don’t want her feeling like she’s giving up a relationship for uncertainty.

Don’t Sleep With Her

You shouldn’t be sleeping with her while she has a boyfriend. If she will sleep with you while she has a boyfriend, then she will likely do the same for you as well. A spur of the moment kiss is as far as things should go while she has a boyfriend. Be noble. Tell her you don’t want her doing anything she would regret, and that you aren’t comfortable doing more with someone who has a boyfriend.

To recap how to steal someone else’s girlfriend:

  • Learn about her
  • Ask about her boyfriend
  • Make her fall
  • Give her what he can’t
  • Bump into her
  • Just ask
  • Don’t sleep with her

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